Compassionate End of Life Care

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult. While it is never easy, we make euthanasia more comfortable for you and your pet by taking care of everything with respect and dignity in the comfort of your home

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What to Expect During Euthanasia

Our compassionate veterinarians and veterinary technicians will work with you and your loved one to make the process as peaceful as possible. We recommend providing a calm and comfortable environment with low lighting, tasty treats, and soft bedding in their favorite spot in the house. People may choose to invite friends and family to give their love and support.

Your care care team will first administer a calming sedative under the skin to help ease your pet into a state of relaxation. They will then administer a concentrated anesthetic to painlessly and quickly discontinue brain and heart function.

Some people choose to take fur clippings or make an ink paw print as a special memory. You will also want to think about body care, be it at-home or pet cemetery burial or group or private cremations. We can help you with cremation services, which will involve transporting your pet for cremation after the procedure, and returning their ashes within a couple of weeks. You can choose to include a special toy or blanket, or perhaps a letter, photo, or flowers to be sent with them. If you are undecided, your care team can care for your loved one until you decide what you want to do.


We offer three options for home euthanasia based on the handling of your loved one’s remains:

  • $500 Euthanasia - This includes the home visit, sedation and euthanasia. You may keep the body for home burial or you may transport the body to the pet cremation facility yourself.
  • $600 Euthanasia with cremation - includes the home visit, sedation and euthanasia. Your care team will organize body transport for group cremation, with nothing saved or returned.
  • $700 Euthanasia with private cremation - This includes the home visit, sedation and euthanasia. Your care team will organize transport for individual cremation, and ashes will be delivered to your home.

The Best Vet Care Happens at Home

We carefully review your pet's previous records

Continuity of care is very important. Our veterinarians review patient medical records from all previous clinics prior to each appointment.

Our vets take as much time as necessary

You will never feel rushed with VetPronto. We deliberately schedule plenty of time to perform a complete examination and discuss any findings.

We're always available for follow up questions

We understand that amazing veterinary care doesn't start and end with a single appointment. Feel free to call or email anytime.

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